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Tangent Accessories by Zoe Miller

My business began in 2003 shortly after I graduated from the Royal College of Art.  For several years I worked with clients designing and creating sculptural knitted fabric for specialist applications, namely costume, technology, trend forecasting and interior projects. But I soon found I had a desire to make my own products and develop limited collections and work with other techniques and materials. What had been intended as a sideline became the mainstay of my practice, hence the name — Tangent.  


For the past fifteen years or so I have been based in a studio at Cockpit Arts in Holborn, London. I make each product using my trusty industrial Dubied, a hand-operated Swiss knitting machine which dates from long before my time, and which is still the ideal tool to knit with. Once knitted, everything is washed and hand finished, ready to wear. 


Making products which are at once classic and modern, products which stand the test of time and which are made to last, defines my design ethos. I combine colourways into soft geometric surfaces in a process that blends technique and fibres. Whether my patterns are bold or subtle, the texture of my products is tangibly warm due to the high quality of the materials chosen and their meticulous construction.  

I use extra fine lamb's wool for every product. Wool is chosen for its fantastic thermal properties, as well as its more sustainable production methods. Equally wool is naturally biodegradable or recyclable. The yarns are dyed with environmentally-friendly dyes and spun in a British mill which has generations of expertise. 


My production methods are simple, involving small-batch production or unique pieces. 


Zoe Miller 

© 2022 Tangent Accessories

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